Jeff Marshall Lettering Workshops are designed for those who are looking to improve their casual and script lettering skills, to add flare and give this style of lettering character. You can be a well seasoned craftsmen with minimal experience in this style or a newbie, either way Jeff will have you on track to producing casual and script correctly by learning the basic fundamentals. The workshops are one on one with a maximum of 3 students and operate from Marshall Artz home studio, situated  on the Gold Coast of Australia in the hub of the glitter strip where there is plenty of accommodation, eateries and night life all well within walking or tram distance to the studio.

People who would benefit mostly in the workshops would be newbies with minimal brush experience and Craftsmen with good brush skills but minimal knowledge of casual and script. The format of a workshop will be uncomplicated, easy going, at the pace of the individual and an environment where no judgments are made. The workshops are all about the passing on of methods in producing two letter styles and the development in the student.    

Jeff's belief in teaching these 2 letter styles is that you start with casual lettering first, being the most basic letter style, and then move into learning the more skilled script lettering. He is a big believer in the old saying "you have to walk before you can run", as it is very important to learn and understand basic brush control and strokes in constructing the casual letter before attempting script.

Choice of workshops are: 1 day Casual Lettering, 1 day Script Lettering or 2 day casual & script lettering. The one day workshop is $275 or two day workshop is $490. Hours are from 9am till 4.30pm.

Price includes: refreshments through the day, lunch, casual or script alphabet poster.

When booking and paying for your workshop please state the dates you're wanting or if you need any further info prior to booking please either email or call, we are happy to talk about customizing a workshop that suits you. 

All tools can be supplied, or you may bring your own.

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After a year of researching signwriting workshops Marshall Artz stood out as the one that is right for me.
I have a solid understanding of handlettering but wanted to step up my game and develop my own style. From the very beginning of booking the class, Jeff had a way of making me feel inspired and welcomed to join him for the day.
Its impossible to list all the positives from the one day script workshop, but here goes...
Script was the goal and it is where the day finished but Jeff had me straight into casual lettering to loosen up and develop a good lettering base.
The casual lettering practice was an eye opener to signwriting letters with “character and soul”, for me to hear a teacher talk about soul of a letter got me excited.
Jeff’s instruction was uncomplicated, he gave up so many tips and skills in developing good legible casual and script lettering that i will take away for a lifetime!
Some pretty funny banter was shared all day but most importantly the encouragement and enthusiasm is what struck me most, and those tips on getting the script to look just right was invaluable.
I feel my script improved out of sight in such a short time, just a few quirks here and there, now i can see how Jeff’s script is constructed which is something i didn’t expect.
The day finished and i took away with me a life time of inspiration, layout sheets, trade secrets and great memories... Thank you Jeff, you taught an old dog a lot of new tricks that will further develop me as a signwriter, looking forward to our next tune up session in the not too distant future.
Kind Regards
Matt bailey,
Melbourne Australia.